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Cinegeeks - New movie review show hosted by two movie nerds. Replies 2

Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 01, 2019

My son and I have been interested in puppets for a few years now and recently started a puppet show where we review movies. The show is called the CineGeeks and we currently have two characters that…

The Oracle Ep 13 -- Zombies Replies 1

Posted by NeonNazgul on Jul 05, 2019

Greeting puppet peeps! New episode of The Oracle fresh out of the video oven. Enjoy!

Oracle Ep 12 -- Wesley Replies 3

Posted by NeonNazgul on Jun 22, 2019

Greetings fellow puppet peeps! All-round good chap Puppet_Dude suggested I start posting here when new episodes of my web series go live, so here we are! (if this isn't the best forum for this…

PUPPETEERS WANTED: Puppet Ministry tour. Replies 2

Posted by Harley on Jun 12, 2019

Hello!My name is Harley Ludy, a director of the Nimrod Puppetry Group, sponsored by Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania (Berks County). A co-director and I are…

(My first marionette) Sad Kitten Puppet in the Making Replies 2

Posted by cyborgparanoia on May 27, 2019

Cloth bodied, paper mache head marionette.

Holger's Kochsendung! (Deutsch Project for my class) Replies 3

Posted by Harley on Jan 01, 2019

So, I did a thing...I decided to make a cooking show project for German class. Except, what makes my project special is that I did it with puppets. It's a little interesting. It was my first time…

"Limbs": A Short Film Replies 3

Posted by limbsfilm on Dec 24, 2018

Hi everyone! I'm producing a short puppet film at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Its a short comedy about a puppeteer operating puppet limbs only (never a mouth), and her gradual…

Puppet Forearms/biceps and shoulders Replies 2

Posted by Comedy Jerks on Dec 24, 2018

New to the forums and I am loving the information. I wasn't able to find this in the search tab, if I missed it my apologies. My question though. I was watching the NIKE Lebron and Kobe puppet…

a stop-motion (kinda), music video on how we made puppets for a performance Replies 0

Posted by momtso on Oct 10, 2018

This is a video I made on how we made large puppets for a performance. It is an adaptation of Brecht's "Caucasian Chalk Circle" for children, (instead of two women claiming a baby, two…

Snow leopard hand puppet Replies 7

Posted by Tioh on Aug 14, 2018

Here's a new hand puppet build for the Eurofurence Pawpet-Show - an anthropomorphic snow leopardess.One of my friends drew an initial sketch of her - I used it and several photos of real snow…

Small Fry Aquatics- Puppet Videos Replies 13

Posted by TygerMin on Jul 15, 2018

I have launched my YouTube channel where I am building a fish room that will utilize puppets for education and fun.  Took me several tries before I stumbled upon the Project Puppet Forma puppet…

New CRASH POPETS video Replies 0

Posted by Dr Popet on Jun 11, 2018

Reaching number 5Hope you like it

All the Croco's jokes (spanish) Replies 0

Posted by Dr Popet on Jun 05, 2018

Now you can see all the Croco's jokes in a single video list hope you like it

PVC Boning Replies 5

Posted by pagestep007 on Jun 01, 2018

Hi to all. I promised Snail that I would eventually do a tutorial on using PVC to give more strength or form to foam puppet bodies.So here it is. After a few months of trials they seem to be holding…

The Eurofurence Pawpet-Show Replies 23

Posted by Tioh on May 23, 2018

For several years I showed puppets that were made for the Eurofurence Pawpet-Show. I guess it's time to properly introduce the show. It is an annual live hand puppet show for an international…

The Judge! Replies 29

Posted by dacostasr on Apr 19, 2018

Working on a new old man...I'm going to make him a judge...OBJECTION!Dennis

Patatús - Arena Sucia - cp1 Replies 1

Posted by Dr Popet on Apr 19, 2018

Fist chapter of Patatús

Croco Replies 1

Posted by Dr Popet on Apr 19, 2018

Some friends gave me this crocodile puppet and I just love it, I had to do something, so I start to make him tell jokesI hope you like itIs in spanish 

Gato Patatús Replies 1

Posted by Dr Popet on Apr 15, 2018

I finally made it, a puppet web series with a cat.The idea of the show is to watch the cat educating his human, we have 3  chapters already. I'm so pleased with the result.So fun to make!

A gothic marionette head. (First try) Replies 1

Posted by cyborgparanoia on Mar 21, 2018

This is my very first marionette puppet head which I am in the process of making.The head is made of hollow paper mache with an horizontal wooden dowel within the head to hold the screw eyes for the…

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