Need a Stage to Give my Nieces Posted by HandUp on Jan 06, 2018
Hey everyone, hope the New Year is treating you all well.

This year for Christmas I gave my nieces some puppets for them to use since they kept asking about mine when they came over. They have been talking to me about how they want to have a puppet show next time I come over but they do not have a stage. I thought that I could get them a fairly basic stage (would love to make one but I do not have the time with my new job) that they could then decorate any way they like depending on what kind of show they want to have. Does anyone know somewhere online that sells a little puppet stage that is fairly simple and easy to do some customization on it? If it could order it online and send it to them that would be great as I don't really know when I will get some real time off from work. Thanks in advance everyone.

I had some alerts set up online to send me an email if there were any puppet theatres put up within my budget and I found a perfect one! On there were some great theatres to choose from and they were all decently cheap so I picked the one that looked like it would fit my nieces best. Lots of frills on the sides and some nice pink curtains, I think they will love it. I will see their reactions next week when I go to visit, I hope they like it as much as I expect them to!
Re: Need a Stage to Give my Nieces Posted by Gail on Jan 15, 2018
How sweet. I hope they loved it.

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