Puppet Stands Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 23, 2018
 I have a very limited storage space for my puppets as you can see.
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I've ordered 6 new puppets which will arrive next month. Currently I'm using microphone stands to 'store' my puppets.  The new puppets will need to be stored in the same space as all I have is a small room. 
I found these on Amazon and thought they would work well as stands and provide a double use (really don't need 9 microphone stands).
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What other stands are available and what do you use?   The rest of the room is full (even the walls).
Re: Puppet Stands Posted by TygerMin on Apr 23, 2018
My plan is to do something like this:

Re: Puppet Stands Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 23, 2018
I saw small puppet stands (display stands) on Amazon as well.  I like the concept of that design as it could hold 10 puppets.  It would be simple to construct from PVC piping as well.  But, all my puppets are over 30 inches long and their combined weight would make them prone to tipping. 

That is why I like the idea of using the crowd control poles.  They have a nice heavy base. 
Re: Puppet Stands Posted by Shawn on Apr 24, 2018
I would go with the PVC set up. Takes up less floor space.  Also you could turn it around to the back and hang your green screen off of it when working.   You can easily weight the bottom just like the stanchions by filling with either sand, cement or plaster of Paris.
Re: Puppet Stands Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 24, 2018
I suppose I could try something like this (but on a larger scale) with PVC piping and a weighted bottom.

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Re: Puppet Stands Posted by TygerMin on Apr 24, 2018
Store features also work.  I use two in my shop, one provided by Folkmanis and the other was a cowboy hat rack. 

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If you do attempt to do something like that out of PVC, please post the process here.  Might be fun trying to duplicate.
Re: Puppet Stands Posted by Gail on Apr 24, 2018
The PVC puppet rack pattern could accommodate more large puppets if the second row was off set instead of directly under the top row. You would just have to adjust the lengths of the pipe in between the joints. 

We got small metal buckets about 8 inches tall with handles from Home Depot and filled them with cement 3/4 full inserting a piece of PVC into the middle of the cement that was an inch higher than the cement level and just a little bit wider than the longer PVC pipe we inserted inside the wide pipe in bucket. The handle made it easier to pick up and move and you could change the length of the PVC to whatever need you had. We used them for stage corners and holding props this enabled one person to set stage up alone. Once we just put a bag of pinto beans in the bucket to make another one quickly, sand bag would work too. Hardest part was inserting the wider pipe straight up while the cement set.
Re: Puppet Stands Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 24, 2018
I found some furniture grade PVC & fittings on Amazon.  I'm thinking of using a Umbrella/Flag stand weighted base.  I'm in Bahrain on a military base with limited access (only 1 day off a week) to the shops downtown. Amazon in my lifeline.  I think I can make it work.  I may have it made while in the Philippines next month and bring back with me.  I'll have space in my luggage as most of the stuff I'll be bringing is treats for the kids. So my suitcase will be almost completely empty.

I'm also bringing along Sam (puppet with sideburns and glasses) to have his suit tailor fitted and back access for my hand.

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