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What are your favorite puppet shows on Youtube? Replies 0

Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 07, 2019

We recently started a Youtube show with puppets and I'm curious about other shows that people like to watch. It's really hard to find puppet shows on Youtube because when I do a search I…

Just got into puppets Replies 2

Posted by Johnny on Nov 07, 2019

Hi I'm Johnny! Drawing has been my passion for over 10 years, but about a month ago I picked up making music, videos, and voice acting.I've always enjoyed puppets, but I recently got…

The Science of Puppetry Replies 4

Posted by SillyBobScience on Nov 04, 2019

Hello.  I’m James, 43, from Fife, Scotland.  Pleased to meet you.Over the summer months my wife and I set ourselves a little project: to make a puppet and use it to create a ‘Science for…

Cinegeeks - New movie review show hosted by two movie nerds. Replies 2

Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 01, 2019

My son and I have been interested in puppets for a few years now and recently started a puppet show where we review movies. The show is called the CineGeeks and we currently have two characters that…

Does Cookie monster have a cranium ? Replies 10

Posted by Michael on Oct 16, 2019

I'm trying to make a cookie monster pattern, so I'm watching a lot of video to try and get the shape of his head.And the more I'm watching him the more I'm wondering if he has any…

Hello everyone ! Replies 7

Posted by Michael on Oct 16, 2019

Hello,Michael here, 36 years old and really new to puppetry.I always found puppets interesting, but never got involved in it.Things started to change when:-I got a daughter about 2 years ago, who love…

November Site Migration Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Sep 17, 2019

Yes we are finally moving to a new system and set up.  I know I've been saying this for some time but the process of coding in order to comply with current standards is a long and tedious…

Wolf puppet Replies 1

Posted by Tioh on Sep 14, 2019

This is Haze, a hand puppet that we made for the Eurofurence 25 puppet-show (I made the head, several friends helped to build the body - we spent about 500€ on materials and it took us ca. 200 hours…

Lion puppet Replies 0

Posted by Tioh on Aug 27, 2019

This is Cooper the lion, another hand puppet that I made for the Eurofurence 25 puppet-show (I did not build this alone, several friends helped). His head was made with a 3d-printed head base - I…

Blinking eye mechanism on a wearable mask? Replies 7

Posted by Ninox on Jul 30, 2019

Hello,I've never done any serious work with puppetry, and I've taken on a project that's a bit on the ambitious side.I'm working on a wearable bird mask with a moving jaw and…

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