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Hiring a Puppetry Instructor for Buck's Rock Camp Summer 2018 Replies 0

Posted by Richsieg on Mar 15, 2018

For the past two summers, my son Max has attended Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp. The person that was the puppetry counselor last summer dropped out and now they are trying to find…

Out of Curiosity Replies 7

Posted by Franklin on Mar 10, 2018

OK, so I know that curiosity killed the cat, but was recently in a conversation with a friend who asked this, and it never occurred to me that I never knew the answer to this.My first training in…

Mitch the Dragon- Twitter and Most recently, Stardust! Replies 0

Posted by Harley on Mar 10, 2018

So, a while back I posted about my Mitch the Dragon character that I made a Twitter for. Well, now I've got myself a Stardust for the character and he seems to already be getting many followers!…

Dwiggins Book Replies 0

Posted by Steve C on Mar 06, 2018

I was wondering if anyone knows which Dwiggins book contains all of the diagrams and patterns for marionettes and controls. For the life of me I can't recall which one it was. Any help will be…

music video Replies 1

Posted by zooooom on Mar 02, 2018

Hi to all  Some time ago I've built 6 marionettes for the music video , two of them are portraits . Please take a look ( marionettes will appear somewhere in the middle )

Eye Mechs and Patterns Sold together Replies 0

Posted by PuppetPrints on Feb 28, 2018

I sell a Blinking Eye Mech with the pattern as well as an Eyebrow mech on my site All my mechs are between 19-65$

feathers as covering fabric Replies 2

Posted by Floydaroo on Feb 23, 2018

Hey guys! I have been wondering about how many feathers (by approximate weight) I would need to cover an entire bird puppet. Also, how would I go about attatching the feathers to the fabric... sewing?…

How To Attach Feathers As "Gills" ? Replies 5

Posted by WolfNoir on Feb 20, 2018

Hi everyone,I'm working on my first puppet to see if I can get the pattern down, and I decided to turn it into an axolotl. If you don't know what that is, it's a funny-looking…

Hello Everyone! Replies 9

Posted by WolfNoir on Feb 20, 2018

Hello hello! My name is Everett, I'm from New York and I just started getting into puppetry and puppeteering recently! I became really curious about the Muppets because for some reason, I had…

Puppetry in therapy Replies 5

Posted by Floydaroo on Feb 12, 2018

I know it’s weird, but does anyone have any sources for the usage of puppets in kids therapy. I am doing a research project and need some sources thanks! FloydJoshinshaker.Com

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