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New to puppet making Replies 3

Posted by Puppet-Hostel on Jan 17, 2019

Hi all! I just got bit by the puppet bug. I've been a puppet fan for years, but then this year for Christmas my partner gave me a puppet. Then I decided that I wanted to make some too. So here we…

Purple necked Black bearded Blatch Patterns Replies 1

Posted by CBPuppets on Jan 02, 2019

Can anyone help me find the enlarged patterns for the Purple necked black bearded blatch? Apparently puppet buzz no longer has them and I am really in need of help in searching for it! Any help will…

Holger's Kochsendung! (Deutsch Project for my class) Replies 3

Posted by Harley on Jan 01, 2019

So, I did a thing...I decided to make a cooking show project for German class. Except, what makes my project special is that I did it with puppets. It's a little interesting. It was my first time…

New Year New Blog Replies 0

Posted by Franklin on Dec 30, 2018

The blog on my website is starting to take off. My latest blog really isn't about puppetry specifically, but with 2019 literally days away, I wanted to write something that helps puppet directors…

"Limbs": A Short Film Replies 3

Posted by limbsfilm on Dec 24, 2018

Hi everyone! I'm producing a short puppet film at Ryerson University in Toronto.  Its a short comedy about a puppeteer operating puppet limbs only (never a mouth), and her gradual…

Puppet Forearms/biceps and shoulders Replies 2

Posted by Comedy Jerks on Dec 24, 2018

New to the forums and I am loving the information. I wasn't able to find this in the search tab, if I missed it my apologies. My question though. I was watching the NIKE Lebron and Kobe puppet…

Anybody else making puppet photos for Christmas? Replies 1

Posted by Tioh on Dec 21, 2018

Is anybody else making puppet photo cards for Christmas? Here's mine for this year:

What do you do with a camel puppet Replies 0

Posted by The Director on Dec 13, 2018


I'm Back Replies 3

Posted by Foaming at the Mouth Puppets on Nov 26, 2018

hello everyone this is Kevin Cutler. I'm back!!!! Had to go find my brain its back now

New construction techniques DVD for small Vent' type mouths and various bodies Replies 2

Posted by Steve Scott on Nov 23, 2018

A New volume of puppetry construction techniques available on a set of DVDs has been released on a new URL. This site also carries previous volume relating to Carved Wooden Marionettes (intermediate…

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