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Does Cookie monster have a cranium ? Replies 10

Posted by Michael on Oct 16, 2019

I'm trying to make a cookie monster pattern, so I'm watching a lot of video to try and get the shape of his head.And the more I'm watching him the more I'm wondering if he has any…

Wolf puppet Replies 1

Posted by Tioh on Sep 14, 2019

This is Haze, a hand puppet that we made for the Eurofurence 25 puppet-show (I made the head, several friends helped to build the body - we spent about 500€ on materials and it took us ca. 200 hours…

Lion puppet Replies 0

Posted by Tioh on Aug 27, 2019

This is Cooper the lion, another hand puppet that I made for the Eurofurence 25 puppet-show (I did not build this alone, several friends helped). His head was made with a 3d-printed head base - I…

Blinking eye mechanism on a wearable mask? Replies 7

Posted by Ninox on Jul 30, 2019

Hello,I've never done any serious work with puppetry, and I've taken on a project that's a bit on the ambitious side.I'm working on a wearable bird mask with a moving jaw and…

Marionette control wood substitute Replies 1

Posted by cyborgparanoia on Jun 12, 2019

What if don't have much woodworking experience?I was actually considering making a control out of thick paper mache...Do you think that might work?And do you have any other ideas for the control?

Free video tutorial - how to build a Snow Leopard hand puppet Replies 2

Posted by Tioh on May 28, 2019

I filmed how I made this hand puppet last year - here are some videos (there is more material - not enough time for editing):

Best marionette strings Replies 3

Posted by cyborgparanoia on May 27, 2019

Which kind of strings should I use for my marionette?

Hare puppet Replies 6

Posted by Tioh on Apr 03, 2019

I started working on a new hand-puppet for the Eurofurence Pawpet-Show. If you would like to support the show, go to time it will make a rabbit…

Bird woman puppet with inflatable chest? Replies 1

Posted by anastasiacarrots on Mar 16, 2019

Hi,I am fairly new to the puppet world, I would like to ask for some advice on the puppet I want to make. She will be called Peace, and she will be large, about 3/4 life size. She will be a rod…

Plastic for Vacuum Forming Replies 2

Posted by Puppet-Hostel on Jan 25, 2019

I'm trying to find a source for white plastic for the vacuum former to make eyes and noses. What kinds do you use, how thick are they and where do you buy them from? Someone said you can use…

Purple necked Black bearded Blatch Patterns Replies 1

Posted by CBPuppets on Jan 02, 2019

Can anyone help me find the enlarged patterns for the Purple necked black bearded blatch? Apparently puppet buzz no longer has them and I am really in need of help in searching for it! Any help will…

New construction techniques DVD for small Vent' type mouths and various bodies Replies 2

Posted by Steve Scott on Nov 23, 2018

A New volume of puppetry construction techniques available on a set of DVDs has been released on a new URL. This site also carries previous volume relating to Carved Wooden Marionettes (intermediate…

feet slip while walking Replies 11

Posted by olioliola on Aug 14, 2018

Hey everybody,I'm new on this forum and I'm a beginner in the world of puppetry.I'm finishing my first marionette but it's not walking well...Maybe it's me that I don't…

Foam queastion Replies 4

Posted by Sandra on May 08, 2018

Hi guys, I have been watching some videos online and found this one from the Center from puppetry arts entitled Henson Conservation at Dragon Con 2015, and the conservative employee talked about Nu…

Need help weighing down a cloth marionette body Replies 4

Posted by cyborgparanoia on May 01, 2018

Hello! I am building a marionette puppet with a body made of cloth and stuffing and such like in the book "The Complete Book of Marionettes" by Mabel and Les Beaton. It says to weigh down…

More features or leave alone? Replies 2

Posted by TygerMin on Apr 04, 2018

Working on my main puppet who will be learning about aquariums and fish on YouTube and I am at the phase where I can't determine whether to leave him alone or to add things.  More…

Help building a unique little puppet. Replies 2

Posted by faytdarkblade on Apr 02, 2018

Hello, so I've been looking all over the internet because I need some help or ideas how to bring to life a character of mine I've been dying to turn into a puppet. My biggest concern is his…

Need help with project puppet melonhead mouthgrip Replies 3

Posted by azag93 on Mar 18, 2018

Hi to all, I just had a problem to try make a mouthgrip (Not mouthboard) for melonhead project puppet. I try few mouthplate with different mouthgrip and Im not happy with it.What do you guys use…

Loose Jaw? Replies 4

Posted by Bryce on Mar 15, 2018

I notice Kruetinger in a couple of his videos is able to get a side to side movement with his bottom jaw.   Here's a quick example around 1:32 mark. …

Eye Mechs and Patterns Sold together Replies 0

Posted by PuppetPrints on Feb 28, 2018

I sell a Blinking Eye Mech with the pattern as well as an Eyebrow mech on my site All my mechs are between 19-65$

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