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Need skin color fabric that will glow in black light for Elvis! Replies 49

Posted by Angel in Tx on Sep 18, 2012

I am making a full size Elvis puppet.  I plan on using him in daylight but would like the option of using him in black light as well. I know that he will have to have a different color wig in…

Blacklight puppet questions Replies 16

Posted by Josh on Jun 10, 2012'm wanting to make a blacklight puppet with this kind of lips, but, I honestly don't know where to start. Help? Ideas?

"EZ" Blacklight Puppets Replies 6

Posted by Angel in Tx on Jul 02, 2011

Our church is having a big celebration tomorrow including a talent show and I decided at the last minute to make some new puppets and do a puppet song tomorrow night.  Our team will be there all…

Need some ideas for seabirds Replies 16

Posted by Angel in Tx on May 15, 2011

I am thinking of making some seabird puppets that glow in the blacklight for a song my team will be performing in October. I thought about making a group of them to sit on the ship mast.  Is that…

Has anyone used Glow Inc's GID paint? Replies 9

Posted by Maya Remblai on Jun 19, 2010

I posted this on their forum too, but that forum seems to get very little traffic. It's more likely that someone here would know what I'm talking about anyway. I want to paint some acrylic…

Fluorescent dye Replies 8

Posted by MsPuppet on May 11, 2010

I thought there was some info on here regarding dyes, but I cannot find anything regarding fluorescent dye.  I need to dye some foam, and want it to be red or pink under blacklight.  I have…

"glowing puppets" Replies 7

Posted by somethingradical on Mar 22, 2010

hey guys,                I am making 7 puppets for a production of "Disney's Mulan" where 6 of the puppets are "Gods"The director wanted…

black light books Replies 22

Posted by gompie on May 26, 2009

are there books about black light performance. A book with tips on how to make the lamps, what kind of lamps, stage materials, clothing of the puppeteers. I know the book "Let there…

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