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Fleece patterning help? Replies 2

Posted by sjham on Mar 04, 2017

Hi all,I'm working on a replica of Trekkie monster from Avenue Q and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to create the fabric pattern for his fur. This is what I have so far:…

Creating a pattern with a 'snout' -- trekkie monster Replies 7

Posted by sjham on Feb 25, 2017

Hi everyone!I'm trying to make my first puppet and I want to make Trekkie Monster from Avenue Q. I bought a 8x8x8 reticulated foam block and carved it into the shape that I thought looked pretty…

Vac u Form Question Replies 2

Posted by azag93 on Feb 10, 2017

Hi guy,Just bought vac u form machine and I'm getting excited have my puppet eye profession but as I research harder to find the answer my own question. The question is:What do you use to fill…

Eye mechanisms Replies 5

Posted by pagestep007 on Jan 27, 2017

Hi all, I stumbled across this  VERY good idea for eye mechanisms, on youtube. It takes the up-down movement of a lever and transfers it to sideways movement via a diagonal slot in the eyeball.…

Advice on eyebrow mechanisms Replies 1

Posted by Grinchfairy on Dec 31, 2016

Im know absolutely nothing about how to make a puppet to honest. I've made another puppet previous to the one im working on currently. Though its pretty much just glue and foam layered peice by…

Self-Centering Moveable Eyes Concept Replies 3

Posted by Ryan Weaver on Nov 12, 2016

I'm adding moveable eyes to one of my puppets and I've come up with the following design concept for the mechanism.  I haven't found many movable eye tutorials so I don't know…

Mr Prits-Mohican-Uncle Artemis Replies 6

Posted by saver on Oct 16, 2016

Three new puppets for my daughters. Love them.

Digital Puppets Replies 4

Posted by Franklin on Oct 11, 2016

So the church I am currently the puppet director for recently purchased a digital puppet. Being the builder at heart, I wasn't content with just using one, so I researched the program that they…

Smoothing expanding foam? Replies 2

Posted by Pr6i6e6st on Oct 03, 2016

Hey again guys! Got another question!I've got this functional xenomorph costume I'm making. The head is made of "great suff" expanding foam. So its porous, there's holes, gaps…

Small TV screens for full body puppet Replies 2

Posted by trekkiemonster on Sep 05, 2016

I've read and Heard from different behind the scenes of The Muppet Show that full body puppet characters like Thog has a small TV inside so that the puppeteer can see what he was doing outside of…

Wire controlled tail? Replies 15

Posted by Pr6i6e6st on Sep 01, 2016

Hey guys! I'm new here and am just wondering if I can get some advice/tips.I'm making a xenomorph ("Aliens") costume and everything is going great so far, but I need a tail that…

3d printed puppets? Replies 4

Posted by barkyboy on Jul 07, 2016

So this technology looks quite promising.  Now you can 3d print your own guitars: you can now '3d print' your own puppets. Just…

will it sell? Replies 3

Posted by Franklin on Jun 27, 2016

Came up with a design for an individual puppet stand with a built in fan mechanism to help dry out the interior of a puppet after use in order to help cut down on mildew, etc. Thought I would pose…

Avenue Q face features Replies 0

Posted by Touchskies on Apr 22, 2016

Hi, I'm going to build my own cast of Avenue Q characters, as a challenge to improve my skill in puppet building.I wonder if someone may give me some advice about the heads size, that as you…

Full body puppets - arms? Replies 3

Posted by bluetackman on Feb 27, 2016

So I am making a puppet big enough for the controller to fit inside, from waist up. The head was easy enough to make, I simply up-scaled my pattern and made it as normal. For the torso, I have made a…

Back entry Replies 2

Posted by animatedsnail on Jan 07, 2016

Hi all,I normally make my puppets that are operated with bottom access but I have been asked to make a puppet that has its access through his back!The problem is I normally connect the head onto a…

Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Replies 4

Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Dec 18, 2015

Hey all!I have not been on here for a very long time! I have been up to my neck in puppetry and some reason I can't wrap my head around this mechanism...I am looking for…

MYSTERY??? Which kind of mechanism/control/ type of puppet this is? Replies 1

Posted by Numensland on Nov 26, 2015

Hi: I discover recently these videos on youtube. There a quite unusual mechanisms and controls. I look for someone who can tell me more about these types of puppets, and how to build it. You can have…

Cuttin Faux Fur - Video I posted to youtube Replies 5

Posted by Lola on Sep 30, 2015

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so quiet lately. Just got moved into a new place, trying to keep up with my youtube channel, and pushing orders out the door. Anyway, for any new people who are…

Kickstarter - Puppet Rewards? Replies 13

Posted by bluetackman on Aug 13, 2015

I've been encouraged to launch a kickstarter to fund post-production for a shortfilm that I'm currently shooting with puppets. I've made the puppets myself and anyone that sees them…

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