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Building my first marionnette Replies 523

Posted by johian on Mar 31, 2008

Hey fellow puppeteers, now the schoolplay is done, I have some time to do something completly different.Doing some resurch on the net I saw a head and shoulder puppet. This is realy a cool puppet to…

Foam adheasives and glues. Replies 103

Posted by Shawn on Mar 17, 2008

Since this question always comes up and I even get emails about it I thought it might be worth making a thread about. The big question is where can I find a contact cement that is not toxic? …

Building a mouth assembly Replies 45

Posted by JasonSWrench on Jul 24, 2006

Hello List:I thought I would ask a question about mouths and what people use when creating puppet mouths. In the past I used cardboard covered in felt, but lately I've been relying more on foam…

[FAQ] Where can I find a puppet pattern? Replies 41

Posted by Shawn on Apr 22, 2006

This question is asked time and time again on the forum so thought it was about time to create a sticky topic that would address it.  I have gathered a few from the forum that have been posted…

How much do I charge? Replies 45

Posted by Billy D. Fuller on Mar 14, 2006

I was wondering for those that are a little more experienced. How much does one charge for basic services to teach someone to make a puppet? This would be exclueding the cost of materials. Does one…

Look at the eyes Replies 7

Posted by RoboChicken777 on Apr 27, 2005

See the eyes on this puppet. can anyone tell me how this is done.

marionette controls Replies 5

Posted by dollmaker on Feb 11, 2005

marionette controls and stringing

Antron Fleece Anouncement! Replies 95

Posted by Shawn on Feb 09, 2005

Just wanted to pass some information on for Kathy of Georgia Stage.  She posted this on the Muppets Central board and asked that I relay it here.Posted by: $1The rumors are true....the Antron…

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