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Can someone tell me the difference please Replies 10

Posted by melaine9 on Nov 23, 2014

i want to purchase some eyes for my puppet building.  But I have no idea about millimeters  Is the higher number larger or the smaller? For example 9mm vs 16mm.  I feel like a dummy for…

Making Wet Felted Puppets Replies 3

Posted by mkshatto on Nov 21, 2014

I just happened upon quite a good set of instructions and photographs on this process. This is another one I will have to try! How to Make Wet Felted Puppets

My new build Replies 6

Posted by Na on Nov 08, 2014

It's not entirely puppetry, but it is based around the concept of toy theatre:More info here: you like it please…

determining measurements so hand will fit Replies 8

Posted by Michael_M on Oct 28, 2014

In my ongoing quest to build a puppet, I am attempting what I believe is an unconventional approach. The typical foam pattern method wasn't working for me. Instead, I am having a 3D artist build…

New builder needs Help! Replies 23

Posted by vegasvent on Oct 13, 2014

Ok, so I've acquired most materials one would need to create my own Puppets, and set-up my shop. I have patterns in hand as well as lots of ideas. I've actually started building my first…

Ideas on expandable soft urethane foam vs. foam sheet for human head Replies 1

Posted by Mr.Kevin on Sep 28, 2014

I have built two puppets that use poly foam sheets as the structure for the head and torso. Would like to know how expandable soft urethane foam compares to the soft sheet foam as far as durability…

Puppet without a mouth Replies 4

Posted by Krafty Karacters on Sep 26, 2014

Hi, I am about to start a build of a hand puppet that is not going to have a mouth.  I am trying to work out the best way to still have a mouth plate inside of the foam head for the puppeteer to…

Walking Tardis Replies 15

Posted by TygerMin on Sep 20, 2014

Planning on a walking Tardis for an October con:Going to use pink foam for the box, and plastic canvas for the eyes and windows.  Not sure on the mouth yet.  If possible, I would like…

create marionette with a moving mouth? Replies 4

Posted by roteg on Aug 31, 2014

Searched the internet for hours, I couldn't find a tutorial for making a movable mouth marionettes. Is it a professional's secret thing?

Puppet eyes and doll joint Replies 3

Posted by Puppetlover on Aug 31, 2014

Can anyone help me ..Has anyone written a sources such items? I can't fond I'm  lived in the Middle East ,where I can purchase  puppets eyes (with a pupil ) size of a half ping…

Foam Density (Pores Per Inch) Replies 6

Posted by Allan McConnell on Aug 20, 2014

Sorry if this topic may have been brought up before, but I have a supplier on hold as they have quoted me a price on reticulated foam with a Cell size of 25 PPI.This foam is typically used for…

Question on sealer's. Replies 2

Posted by Sandra on Aug 19, 2014

What sealer's are generally used for either paper maché or for clay surfaces? And are they available in Canada? Thank you!

Ronnie Burkett marionette's. Replies 9

Posted by Sandra on Aug 19, 2014

Hello my dear Puppet friends, I am wondering if some of you know how Ronnie Burkett makes his marionettes? Does he use's mould's in his process? Or is it more of an add-on process? Does he…

An experiment in recycling styrofoam Replies 4

Posted by Anton's Angels on Aug 08, 2014

So I thought I would try an experiment in recycling the plastic from Styrofoam packing to make puppet eyes.1. Reduced the foam down using acetone. (done outside)2. Til just the plastic left3. Left til…

Arm Weight Replies 7

Posted by kirstycrrr on Jul 28, 2014

Hello all,I have a question about arm weight. When I am building a puppet I like to add wireinside the hand so that the hand can be put into different poses as required. I usually use foam or stuffing…

Dyed Antron Fleece Available. Replies 11

Posted by yalaurie on Jul 10, 2014

Hi guys! If you are looking for yardage of hand-dyed antron fleece, you can find it in my shop. I have been building puppets for a number of years now and one of my favorite parts is dyeing the…

Legs and clothes Replies 7

Posted by Ant on Jun 25, 2014

I think I an going down the doll joint route for attaching the legs to a puppet is this a good idea? Also how do you hold trousers/pants on a puppet without stitching them on so they don't fame…

Size Question Replies 3

Posted by TygerMin on Jun 20, 2014

So I am shifting my focus from puppets to puppet...sorta.  The focus will be on my mascot, Tyger, as he explores his and others dreams.  One of his dreams is to be a puppeteer.  So he…

foam density for painting Replies 16

Posted by Michael_M on Jun 09, 2014

This may not be a question that is easily answered...I purchased 1/2" polyfoam from the local fabric store. Although I like the appearance of a fleece puppet, I want to try painting my puppet to…

Kermit Eye attachment ? Replies 4

Posted by criss on May 17, 2014

I'm building a Kermit and im trying to work out the best way to attach the eyes and also best way to make and attach the mouth plate and lips to mouth Any tips would be a huge help Thanx in…

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