The Dollar Tree Posted by Serenity Frost on May 21, 2010
If you live in the states then you have one of these very nearly right around the corner. The dollar tree sells all sorts of arts and crafts and I managed to get everything I needed for my puppet except for the cloth and polyfil for 6 dollars. Here is the list of everything I purchased.

A bag of pom poms for the nose.
A pair of small silver reading glasses.
Styrofoam balls for the eyes.
Children's foam craft paper for the tongue.
A jug of coffee (for the lid so I could make a stiff but flexible mouth.

The dollar tree is also great if you want to change up accessories for your puppet on the holidays. I plan on Taffy wearing full on costumes for Halloween and for when we go to conventions to promote her web show. I (as the character of her bored and silent assistant) don't really get into the dressing up part. This sort of gets me out of having to coordinate much more than wearing a random accessory to reflect her costume. However, if you have a costume for yourself, I can pretty much guarantee you can find something for the puppet that matches it when the season rolls around.

A lot of the cheap toys there are small enough to make for great props too. Plus, if you entertain kids you could buy a bunch of little toys for them to give out after or even use to interact with your show via Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by Billy D. Fuller on May 21, 2010
You are so right! outside from a dog being Mans best friend I would say the Dollare stores come in second.

Billy D.
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by MsPuppet on May 21, 2010
I find lots of blacklight stuff there.
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by SilverFox on Oct 04, 2010
Also try Goodwill for kid's clothes or second hand kid's stores too.
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by wyohming on Oct 04, 2010
I'd agree on the charity shops.. old leather handbags are great for cutting up and making into shoes!

We also have this in the UK

and this

and this

RE-think RE-use Re-cycle 

There are others out there depending on the region you live in. some places you can go around with a shopping cart, fill it with anything you want and pay £15! Sounds a fantastic idea!

Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by nall29 on Dec 28, 2010
i love the dollar tree! i buy alot of my supplys there to! i love their feather boa! i stocked up because sometimes they get somthing in only once! thank goodness its only three blocks away from my house! lol! 
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by TeddyBear on Aug 12, 2012
Hmmm, I'll have to try dollar tree. I got most of my stuff from fabric stores.  I will try there for glasses for a comedy duo  I have on the drawing board.
Re: The Dollar Tree Posted by Gabriel G on Aug 12, 2012
The Dollar Tree is too good of a place to go sometimes.. I see a bunch of stuff I think "Hey I could use that someday!" They are still sitting in my garage -_-

I like to raid the stuffed toy section, the party stuff section, collect spoons for eyes and, like MsPuppet, have found cool blacklight stuff.

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