Puppet eyes with Vacuum Forming Molding Machine Posted by leosig on Apr 16, 2015
Greetings from Venezuela, I wonder which model Vacuum Forming Molding Machine to make eyes pvc?
Does this dental model will serve?
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Re: Puppet eyes with Vacuum Forming Molding Machine Posted by jeezbo on Apr 20, 2015
in answer to your question, it is a vacuum form machine just like any other, so I'd say that it would work just fine, the only thing would say about this model of machine is they usually use ceramic beads or lead bearing at the bottom of the vacuum form plate and they are tricky to replace and can spill everywhere if your not careful, so I would be tempted to go for one that has a solid vacuum base plate instead. other than that its a fairly good machine!! you could also check out our very own pagestep007 on his YouTube channel, he has a great way to make plastic eyes without the need for any expensive equipment or plastic, I cant remember right now what his channel is called, but he uses household pvc pipe, a half wooden ball (that he also teaches how to make in another vid) a wooden base for forming the plastic and a heat gun!!

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