Robot puppet Posted by Franklin on Aug 11, 2015
Been working on robot (junk bot) puppets for our space themed production, got me to wondering how many of our wonderful builders on Puppets and Stuff have ever done a robot. Would love to see some samples of what others have done.
Re: Robot puppet Posted by mrbumblepants on Sep 06, 2015
I haven't made any robot puppets, but I'd really like to. Are you making yours out of spare parts/found things, or are you designing everything for, scratch?

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Re: Robot puppet Posted by TygerMin on Sep 06, 2015
hmm...thats not a bad idea, a robot build off :D
Re: Robot puppet Posted by Gail on Sep 20, 2015
My son was a robot on Halloween once, I used dryer exhaust tubing for his arms. But no robot puppets.....yet.
Re: Robot puppet Posted by Franklin on Sep 21, 2015
My original builds were hodge-podge creations, velveeta boxes for arms, trash can bodies, etc., but the one I am currently working on is getting a full work up. I am using my laser engraver to cut out the mechanisms, so it should look retty sharp when finished. Actually going to pull out all of the stops and make some eye mechanisms for it as well as lights.
Re: Robot puppet Posted by Gareth on Sep 21, 2015
air conditioning ducting hose is good for moving arms.

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