What Style is this? Posted by Franklin on Jan 23, 2018
I was wondering if their was a name for this particular style of puppet head making. I have been calling it a foam fold over method, but surely there is a real name out there.

Re: What Style is this? Posted by Shawn on Jan 23, 2018
This design and pattern was originally used for the puppet in Nunsense which is a musical.  Later it became popular with builders down in Brazil and many of them have released it as their own pattern.  Grey Seal Puppets termed a phrase "Nip and Tuck" for this type of construction where you take a full sheet of foam and a simple shape then start creating the puppet from there by cutting away bits of foam or folding them and gluing them.
Re: What Style is this? Posted by Franklin on Jan 24, 2018
thanks, that explains why I am having such a hard time finding anything on it in english. I recently used this technique and it is so simple I thought about doing a video in English on how to create it.
Thanks for the info.

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