Sleeve Puppets... sorta Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 12, 2018
I purchased 12 Peepers from Axtell when I ordered Behemoth to use as filler background characters.  I then decided to use them as technical crew members; thinking that the guy in charge of special effects/accounting is just my hand with as set of Peepers would be a lark. At the time I was going to take an athletic sock (long white) and just cut the foot off, slip it on my forearm, and put a small tie on it.

I thought they must produce a sleeve with a suit pattern somewhere, but my search on Amazon (novelty socks) had a few things close but not quite good enough.  I did a search on stockings as well which led  me to those tattoo sleeves, which led me to compression arm sleeves.  They actually have a wide selection of styles; though no suit designs.  So I found inspiration for a new idea.  They have a lot of super hero designs as well which would allow for a low budget superhero spoof.

Though I did not find what I was looking for I believe I can take a base (solid color) design and add a suit design by hand.  It's funny where you end up sometimes...
Re: Sleeve Puppets... sorta Posted by Franklin on Apr 15, 2018
I actually got frustrated with looking years ago when I was trying to create costumes. Just started making my own. Have you evver watched Oobie? It's a preschool program, but they do some really cool things with the peeps.
Re: Sleeve Puppets... sorta Posted by Brian Douglas on Apr 15, 2018
I've watched some videos with the Peeps before.  I really don't have the resources (or space) to make my own clothes for the peeps. 

I ordered 2 sleeves to see how they may work out. I also looked into some gloves to give them "mask's".  If the sleeves work I'll probably put together a video of Superhands! with Spiderhand, Bathand, Superhand, Wonderhand, Captain Amerihand, and a few others but you get the gist.

I work 70 hours a week which doesn't allow a lot of free time, but I'll make it work.
Re: Sleeve Puppets... sorta Posted by pagestep007 on Apr 18, 2018
Interesting ! Where is OObie made?
Re: Sleeve Puppets... sorta Posted by Dr Popet on Apr 19, 2018
These kind of puppet eyes can be found here in the market, very low quality, in the cheapest toys, but is the only place, I really like your idea of the super heroes

I'll try something with those if not, I'll make my own.

Good luck with the project!

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