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Making off Walter Muppet Replies 8

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Sep 10, 2013

Hi all,maby you like it how i make my Walter Muppet,so watch my album,and all the pics i put it here,enjoy!

Question about rights over images of your creations etc Replies 9

Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Sep 10, 2013

So I am selling off some of my samples that I produced for my website. These are designs that I have came up with to sell as regular use lines which I want to reproduce for customers. The whole…

I want to make a Miss Piggy replica Replies 6

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Sep 07, 2013

Hi all,I want to make a Miss Piggy replica out of foam and flock it.But i'm very curious of there are people here that ever make this loveley girl out of flock or maby antron and of there are any…

Gasket rubber and how to use Replies 17

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Sep 05, 2013

Hi can anyone tell me what gasket rubber is and how you use it.I thought it was hobby rubber,but i'm not shore.Please let me know!

Dylon dye problems Replies 4

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Aug 31, 2013

Hello folks,i was dying for the first time i used a whole sacket for the nose of Elmo but it doesn't hold on the Antron fleece also used a package for machine wash,but the same result,terrible to…

Can anyone recommend what to use to cut perfect circles for pupils? Replies 15

Posted by dluxpuppets on Aug 22, 2013

Can anyone recommend a great way to cut perfect circles out of sticky backed velvet or vinyl for pupils? I've tried using a punch scribe set I bought online, and it doesn't work. I've…

Need help/suggestion on construction of a particular puppet Replies 3

Posted by Some Strings Attached on Aug 09, 2013

Hello:  I am new to the forum and forums in general (first time!) so pls excuse me if I post in the wrong area or do something ridiculous.  I need help/suggestions from someone on how to…

Molding and casting - what do you use for a core? Replies 5

Posted by Shoeshine on Aug 04, 2013

I've decided to make my first sculpted puppet. I've worked with the materials for makeup purposes before, but this will be my first attempt at a puppet one. The issue I've come to in my…

where to get scott foam!? Replies 6

Posted by batjimi on Aug 03, 2013

Hey guys (and girls)  Im looking to get some scott foam (reticulated foam) to make a puppet with, now I want it white so I can dye it,  and not use a fleece covering.    I have…

Puppet Building Workflow. How do you build? Replies 10

Posted by FleeceNFluff on Aug 02, 2013

I have to make several puppets for a Youtube channel I'm hoping to get up and running soon. I'm not really looking for help. I'm really just curious how other people build.The first two…

Dancing Lantern Shadow Build Replies 2

Posted by Shawn on Jul 29, 2013

It is not that often that you get to see video of how shadow puppets are built so thought this would be a nice addition. While it is not an tutorial or how to it does give insight to what it takes to…

Defined puppet cheekbones Replies 5

Posted by A. Darkly on Jul 03, 2013

I hate to pop in and ask a question before introducing myself but I'm on a deadline I've gotten addicted to puppet building so I will certainly be back (procrastinating from my "day…

Meet Dragtot, the professional latex dragon puppet Replies 0

Posted by Jungle joe on Jun 25, 2013

Hi everyone! today I would like to introduce you to Dragtot, the baby dragon latex puppet. The baby dragon latex puppet is a great character for your shows, especially you would get a great feedback…

Pattern Walter Replies 2

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Jun 23, 2013

Hi,me again i think this is the good pattern to make my Walter Replica.What do you think people and what must i modify to make a good replica of him?Let me know!

Red fraggle pattern Replies 0

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on Jun 17, 2013

Hi all,after different searches i'm so far to build my new puppet,after miy first one it taste for more.Now i will build red fraggle and i want to use the simple series pattern,but has someone…

Seeking Fozzie Bear eye shells Replies 3

Posted by fozzie on Jun 04, 2013

Can anyone vacume form me a pair of plastic eye shells? Contact me for measurements.Thanks.

My project! Replies 16

Posted by Jeroen van Ooijen on May 30, 2013

the first part of the puppet the head!

Playsoup DVD's Replies 5

Posted by jeezbo on May 29, 2013

Hello there everyone, sorry for the possibly misguiding subject line, but I am just wondering if anyone has the Playsoup DVD's, and possibly if anyone would like to part with them for me, I would…

I'm back.... kinda Replies 2

Posted by CJ Puppets on May 21, 2013

Hey guys,So I guess I couldn't stay away forever. It's been about a year since I made a puppet, even longer since I've felt inspired to make one. But I'm feeling kind of inspired…

Paul Vincent Davis Hand/Glove Puppet Pattern? Replies 9

Posted by C16thFoxe on Apr 24, 2013

Up until recently, I've used the standard Punch & Judy style hand/glove body (where the arms curve out and upwards at neck level). Have just discovered the work of Paul Vincent Davis (the…

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