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Kitty and the Questions Replies 4

Posted by Kitty and the Questions on Jan 28, 2018

I am excited to share my puppet project with you all! I am creating a show on YouTube and also livestreaming behind-the-scenes on Twitch. I'd love to get feedback from fellow puppeteers! Thank…

Hi! I'm Jessi From NY. I'm a Puppeteer. Nice to Meet You! Replies 5

Posted by Kitty and the Questions on Jan 28, 2018

Hi everyone, I'm Jessi from NY. I make a web series on YouTube called Kitty and the Questions which features my original puppet character, Kitty. I am also livestreaming puppet building and…

What Style is this? Replies 2

Posted by Franklin on Jan 23, 2018

I was wondering if their was a name for this particular style of puppet head making. I have been calling it a foam fold over method, but surely there is a real name out there.

Selling Puppets Replies 7

Posted by Floydaroo on Jan 14, 2018

I have come to a point where I gave thought about selling puppets on ebay, etc. I am currently working on one for a family friend, but should I make some just to sell on ebay? I have come out with a…

Skin Tone Fleece Replies 6

Posted by Floydaroo on Jan 08, 2018

I'm currently working on a commissioned portrait puppet. I am planning on using alpine fleece or anti-pill fleece for the skin. anyone know of a good skin tone fleece that I can use? Also, which…

Neck armature/skeleton for big puppet Replies 33

Posted by TygerMin on Jan 07, 2018

I want to do a Big Bird type puppet with a cable controlled mouth so I don't have to walk around with my arm in the air.  In planning, there are two areas I am seeking help with.First is the…

Need a Stage to Give my Nieces Replies 1

Posted by HandUp on Jan 06, 2018

Hey everyone, hope the New Year is treating you all well. This year for Christmas I gave my nieces some puppets for them to use since they kept asking about mine when they came over. They have been…

Hello! New Member Looking for Help To Study String Puppetry in Prague! Replies 1

Posted by StringPuppetGuy on Jan 04, 2018

Hello, everyone! I'm a new member on these forums. Since 2011 I've wanted to attend the Puppets in Prague workshop but always put it on hold. In 2017, I couldn't off on it anymore. I…

Puppets in Prague Workshop GoFundMe Replies 5

Posted by StringPuppetGuy on Jan 03, 2018

Hello! I'm an upstart puppet maker venturing out on my own and I'm looking to better hone my skills at the workshop in Prague. I submitted my entries and was accepted, but recently I was…

Howie the the traveling Yowie Replies 2

Posted by Franklin on Jan 03, 2018

Yes he is a yeti, but was adopted by some traveling Yowies from Australia. For a few years now I have been using tools such as my laser engraver to create, so I challenged myself to go old-school with…

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