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Robot puppet Replies 5

Posted by Franklin on Aug 11, 2015

Been working on robot (junk bot) puppets for our space themed production, got me to wondering how many of our wonderful builders on Puppets and Stuff have ever done a robot. Would love to see some…

Fake fog using talc Replies 13

Posted by Na on Jul 15, 2015

I'm trying to do a small project using talc as fake fog. Trouble is, I'm finding it difficult to make using a small squeezable bottle. I've emptied out one of…

Simple mechanism to make head nod and shake (but no mouth)? Replies 7

Posted by wendy on Jul 09, 2015

Hello! I am trying to convert a soft toy dog into a puppet that can nod and shake its head, but not as a hand puppet - and it does not have a functional mouth. It needs to be operated by some kind of…

Skinning the puppets? Replies 4

Posted by bluetackman on Jun 25, 2015

Hey, So I've made my foam puppet bases using a pattern I found online and now I'm ready to skin them. I have anti-pil fleece in various colours for the job.I have done a lot of research and…

Connecting strings to wood ? Replies 7

Posted by roteg on Jun 23, 2015

hello everyone how do you connect strings to a wooden marionette in an elegant way, so that the connections will be as invisible as possible?

Sewing with Running stitch Replies 1

Posted by Furryhappymonster on Jun 16, 2015

Hello everyone I am new to the site. I make puppets mostly from felt  I double the fleece over and stitch the shape of my puppets and cut them out. I haven't been constructing puppets for…

How to fix puppets mouth from inside? Replies 5

Posted by squirrely on Jun 06, 2015

Cardboards for puppet's mouth.  Now the boards are breaking apart.  How can I fix the cardboards?  Right now, I am sticking Duct tape in the cardboard.   

How much foam and fleece do I need? Replies 18

Posted by bluetackman on May 20, 2015

Hey all,First time posting, few weeks lurking. I'm going to be making some puppets soon for the purposes of a short film. I've not made any before, but I have bought some books and patterns…

a new puppet is born Replies 0

Posted by grnlxx21342 on May 18, 2015

hello i finish a new puppet of my it is a dog. i got inspired by a another puppet what i have see on a television program about puppet's.but that was a bear.i got the idea on my work and that…

a little quastion:can painted foam into the microwave? Replies 3

Posted by grnlxx21342 on May 16, 2015

I have painted little pieces of foam with acryl paint. the foam is the same stuff what they used for in chairs.But it dray not so fast.I was thinking if i put the painted foam into the microwave for 2…

Puppet eyes with Vacuum Forming Molding Machine Replies 1

Posted by leosig on Apr 16, 2015

Greetings from Venezuela, I wonder which model Vacuum Forming Molding Machine to make eyes pvc? Does this dental model will serve? Excuse my translation

Help with Bert's hair? Replies 20

Posted by alexander_may on Apr 02, 2015

I am busy building myself a replica of Bert from Sesame Street. So far his head is basically done and finished, but now I have a bit of a hassle. How can one attach his hair? Any ideas for me?

Has anyone used Plastimake? Replies 3

Posted by AWS Puppets on Mar 22, 2015

I was wondering if anyone has used this stuff and if it is any good.  

sewing fur by hand on the right side -it is possible??? Replies 3

Posted by Puppetlover on Feb 24, 2015

hello evreybady!!    im building a big puppet for the first time and i alredy glued the fur to the foam except from the area where is two types of fur .i want to give it good finish,there is…

might need help with an odd project Replies 2

Posted by kamenkewl on Feb 22, 2015

well, i'm not sure if this'd fall under the typical realm of puppetry or not, but i thought this might be as good a place as any to ask for some help. i'm currently working on making…

HELP! Painting Poly Foam Replies 3

Posted by lovable puppet pals on Feb 19, 2015

Hi Guys,Yes, I'm still alive....just got busy with lots of other life things.  So, I am working on a non-puppet project, but as a puppet builder, I am using puppet building supplies. …

Need some help fleshing out a pvc skeleton for a large-scale project Replies 5

Posted by Snowypaws25 on Jan 20, 2015

Hi everyone! Snowy here! I'm looking for some advice. I've made a large scale posable creaure for an intership and I need to finish it up so I can cover it with fabric. Problem is, I've…

Need puppet teeth advice Replies 7

Posted by jaysmith on Jan 13, 2015

I'm in the planning stages for a few puppets, and am trying to figure out some hurdles before diving in. The one that is holding me up is teeth. One of the puppets will be a wolf -type puppet,…

Black Light Tips Replies 5

Posted by TygerMin on Jan 03, 2015

I picked up a feather fur yesterday:When checking out how another piece of fabric looked under blacklight, I noticed this with the fur:I love that look!  I am going with an owl inspired monster,…

New Puppet Replies 4

Posted by vegasvent on Dec 16, 2014

I thought that I would share my new creation with all of you. Meet Klaatu!!

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